The Olympic Peninsula-January 2010

Mark, Peter, Emanuel, Kelly, Jim-Jan 2010

group of fisherman
A week in January on the Hoh River would seem like a guarantee rain storm. But, for 4 days we fished for steelhead with little more that mist and occasional light rain. It was a long drive after the boys picked me up from the Safeway in Olympia. We got to camp around dark and took advantage of Peter’s custom liquor cabinet.

Liquor Box

Even though the weather was warm and dry, the fly fishing was tough with water temps in the mid 40’s. But we new the fish were there because we were observing the gear guys getting a few.

We were primarily “nymphing” with glo bugs while drifting to swing spots. Peter was able to get 2 fish that way-nice wild 10 pounders. The rest of the time we were putting our spey rods to the test with heavy tips and big flies.

The eye opener was the 6 minutes that Mark, Peter and Kelly spent with a plug in the water. 2 hookups in less than 10 minutes! That was more action than I had seen in 4 days of swinging big beautiful marabou flies on a type 6 tip.
caught a beautyEven though I live the ascetic life of a Fly fishing purist, I can’t fault the other guys for being willing to catch one or two at the risk of ridicule. The thought crossed my mind too.

Steelhead are the fish of 1,000 casts and sometimes those casts are logged on multiple trips. If I am lucky, I will get out there again in March for a chance a big Hoh river fish when the water is warmer and they will take a fly, plus I am on cast 970.

As always though, it was a treat to be in wild lands, sleeping in a tent with good friends.


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