Steelhead Fly Fishing on the Umpqua River-North Fork

Steelhead fishing the North Umpqua is a right of passage for most serious fly anglers.  The fly fishing only section and the health of the run is a tribute to Frank Moore and the members of the steamboaters who protect the fish.  The winter steelhead are big and can be aggressive.  The flies used are big brightly colored winter flies carried on heavy sinking lines.

Occasionally I hit the weather just right, to fish for winter steelhead on the Umpqua when the river is in good shape.  This year the rain has hit it hard, but we are scheduled to go in a few days, rain or shine. WInter steelhead on any river can be moody and difficult to interest in hitting a swung fly.  Sometimes all it takes is the sun to shine a bit  and heat the water a few degrees.

Casting a spey rod in the camp water is a treat any time of the year and having a wild steelhead grab my fly is a true gift.  A few years ago I as on the Umpqua with my fellow steelhead addicts and we hooked an amazing number of steelhead, some of which we had the pleasure to hook, land and photograph.

Winter fishing is always a gamble with river conditions and weather, hopefully we can turn the camping will turn into a fishing trip and catch a couple of winter steelhead.


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