Spey fishing for summer steelhead on the Deschutes

Spey fishing for summer steelhead on the Deschutes

Spey fishing for summer steelhead on the Deschutes  this August my fishing buddy Jim out fished me by 3 to 1.  I was reminded how challenging it can be to keep focused in the long periods between fish and why I even fly fish for steelhead.  I figured out a few things and they are below.

Interacting with nature brings many rewards and while I engage in this blood sport called catch and release flyfishing, I feel the connection with nature while I fish, while I hold the steelhead and while I move between spots.

Learning about weather patterns, barometer, moon phase, ambient and water temperatures and how they influence the steelhead and the fisherman has been pleasurable.  I have more opinions about steelhead behavior and the weather than I imagined was possible.

Researching, buying and innovating fly gear, lines, camping equipment and steelhead flies is a pursuit as time consuming as the fly fishing itself.  The combinations were endless when I was casting a single hand rod, but now with the addition of spey rods and switch rods, I often email my spey consultant for clarity.

My fishing buddies provide support and understanding that I can only find on the river.  Wild steelhead, long drives, wild scenery, good meals and expensive whiskey are the focus of our planning, but spending time together on the river and the campfire are true pleasures in my life.

Were planning on fishing the North Umpqua for winter steelhead in a few weeks, i am looking forward to many casts, 5pm campfires and maybe a steelhead.



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