Korkers Chrome-The Best Fly Fishing Wading Boot Available


Photos are of the author trout fishing in Yosemite a few years ago.


Fly fishing is a sport that revolves around staying dry and wading safely. I remember the old days of wet wading in tennis shoes or indoor/outdoor carpet glued to old Converse worn with rubber waders.  At age 12 I was ecstatic to get a pair of hand me down felt soled Weinbrenner wading boots the self proclaimed “ultimate wading shoe”.  Even with those ultimate wading shoes, I did my share of “swimming” as a kid and as a result took some ribbing from my dad and  uncles.


My premature stodginess prevented me from embracing some of the changes in wading technology and it took years years of sliding around the Klamath River before I finally upgraded to studded felt. I was pleasantly surprised with the effects it had on my in river stability on the Deschutes, Klamath and other steelhead rivers in summer and winter conditions.

I was introduced to the Korker Guide Boots by a friend a few years ago and now have multiple sizes for summer and winter because they are such great wading boots for the Klamath, Rogue and Deschutes.  Korkers has developed the next generation-the Korkers Chrome  and I am convinced that the Chrome are the best wading boot available at any price for a beginning or experienced fly fisherman.

Chrome Boot

They have a high performance design, appropriate use of space age materials and clever features like water ports in the soles for quick drying.  The sole clip system is well done and secure  and the boa, while not a Korkers invention, is a brilliant carry over from the Guide model to the Chrome.  It is improved though with a better gear ratio, so the boots tighten up a bit quicker.

These boots are comfortable and supportive. In January this year I took them straight out of the box and wore them for 4 straight days on the North Umpqua, including a 4+ mile hike and fish. They are amazingly comfortable and showed no signs of wear with more than 10 days of winter steelhead fishing. The sole options are their proprietary omni-trax-6 choices, including studded felt and their innovative svelte, which is purported to shed the snails(we hate the snails for good reason).

Nice work Korkers. These boots are a 10 out of 10.


These pictures were taken after 11 days of winter steelhead fishing and show no signs of wear.


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