Mike Foster Steelhead Flies

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Mike humbly has this to say about his experience:

 I have been tying flies for fifty-seven years.  In that time I have created several original patterns, mostly for steelhead and Pacific salmon.  Some of my fly patterns have been featured in fishing magazines and books.  I have also written columns for Angler magazine and Fly Fishing and Tying Journal.  I have also taught fly fishing for over twenty years with Mel Krieger and the Fenwick Fly Fishing  and Krieger Schools.  During my career as a public school teacher, I established a fly tying and rod building course for credit for high school students.

Buzzards_Delight Egghead-Dark Egghead-Green
Egghead-Light Midnight_Scruffy Mikes_Steelhead_Nymph
Rotor_Special Sparkle_Shrimp