Klamath River Steelhead Flies

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These are the best steelhead flies to help you catch steelhead (like the fish pictured) all year on the Klamath river in Northern California.  The Klamath is a remote river with a run of predominantly wild steelhead.  The headwaters are in Oregon and the mouth is in California.  The Klamath river is famous for its run of 1/2 pounders which are immature steelhead that often out number the adult fish and readily take a swung fly.  The primary season is for summer steelhead, but their can be exceptional winter steelhead fishing as well.

Klamath_River_Steelhead_Fly_Assortment Herniator-Copper Brindle_Bug_Steelhead_Fly
Mikes_Steelhead_Nymph Assassin-Copper-Steelhead_Fly Mossback
Assassin-Root_Beer_Steelhead_Fly Green_Butt_Skunk Humbug

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